Middle School

Finally, the mystery is explained thanks to last night’s R4 programme – Comp

from Essex, where in my time there were still grammar schools and the
11+, the concept of Middle School was unheard of – and frankly it’s
always seemed a bit wierd and pointless.

Well, according to
this programme, the concept started in Leicestershire when they
disbanded the failing bipartite system of grammar and secondary modern
schools. They simply divided the school-age population by age rather
than by academic ability thus still using the same number of schools.

other thing that I never realised is that grammar schools were a very
old-school Labour idea – they were supposed to be meritocratic and
“give working class children a chance”.

3 Responses to “Middle School”
  1. I
    went to a middle school. I think it’s a much better idea than
    primary/secondary. Kids in Year 5 grow up far more quickly than their
    contemporaries in a primary school. I think a lot of teachers like the
    idea of teaching that age-range too – not too young and not too old.
    Years 7 and 8 aren’t subjected to great big sixth-formers either!

  2. Helen Thomas says:

    I always thought Middle School was an American thing. Makes me doubt its benefits…

  3. I went to middle school too. Mine was age 9–13, although in other parts of the borough it was age 8–12.

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