Good Luck Himself

OK, rather overactive on the blogging front this morning, but final post for the day….

Good luck to Himself who finishes at a local telecomms manufacturer today.

Bit of back plot for you. (I didn’t tell you at the time because I thought you’d be too worried.)

  • Just before we bought the new house he applied for a sideways move from logistics to accounts at a local telecomms manufacturer (he’s been studying for CIMA for 2 years already).
  • Just after we got the new house, a local telecomms manufacturer told him that in his new department four out of four jobs were at risk of redundancy.
  • He’d already survived three rounds of redundancy in five years at a local telecomms manufacturer so it had to happen sooner or later.
  • He applied for another job in accounts online.
  • The post was already filled but the agency put him forward for a similar job with the same employer.
  • He got the job, it was on less money, but offered to pay for the CIMA and give study leave.
  • On the same day a local telecomms manufacturer said they’d made a mistake and weren’t going to make him redundant after all.
  • On the same day he got his Year II CIMA results back and had passed with flying colours.
  • The new employer offered him a bit more money.
  • He handed in his notice to a local telecomms manufacturer .

2 Responses to “Good Luck Himself”
  1. Tom Abbott says:

    congraulations for escaping Mar…. sorry, local telecomms manufacturer – the future is immediately brighter!

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