Birthday Casey

Yay! What a fantastic long birthday weekend… I have learnt the Samantha Howarth trick of extending your birthday into a week-long celebration.

Friday: Baby B

Danced, drank. Snuck in friends. Introduced myself to Eimear. Chris played my request (The Jam).

Saturday: Pottling

in Millsy’s. Shopping and pottling in Earlsdon. Went to visit a
potential cat. Went to Pets At Home to buy masses of stuff cat needed.
Quiet night in with Himself.

Sunday: Making Merry

Met friends in pub. Walked into Cov – lunch at Browns. Back to Earlsdon for more drinks and dancing. Home at closing.

Monday: Cat Proofing House

cleaning, ironing, putting away ornaments and breakables. Lunch with
Tracy & Nathan. (Bump into hungover Tim in the bar.) Pick up cat.
Watch cat dismantle house.

Tuesday: Cat Sitting

cat settle in by staying at home. Futilely attempt to do washing but
cat demands too much attention. Lunch with friends. Return home to find
cat hiding under kitchen cupboards and things from top of fridge
smashed on kitchen floor. Spend evening slumped exhausted on sofa while
cat climbs on me.

12 Responses to “Birthday Casey”
  1. Kieran Shaw says:

    Happy belated birthday….and happy belated cat house smashing day! Pets are great.

  2. Helen Ryan says:

    I think a pic of the feline in question needs to be posted!

  3. Casey Leaver says:

    Thanks Kieran.

    Helen – If you can tell me how to get the photos off my phone then I’ll post them up… (Am being technically inept.)

  4. Casey, usually you MMS
    photos to an email account… o2 and Orange definitely allow that,
    anyway. Happy belated birthday! I managed to make mine last from
    Thursday night until an all day hangover at work on Monday

  5. Lu Yang says:

    like you had a fantastic time! Happy belated birthday! If your phone
    has bluetooth then you can send the photos to a laptop with bluetooth.
    Alternatively, there are USB cables that enable that kind of fancy tricks.

  6. Casey Leaver says:

    Thank you both. I’ll try and work this out.

  7. Normally
    I wouldn’t dare to correct you Casey….but doesn’t Samantha Howarth have
    ‘month long’ birthday celebrations? It always seems that way anyway….

  8. Casey Leaver says:

    True, true. Well, it has been about 8 months since the last Sammy birthday month – I think my memory is fading…

  9. Sam Howarth says:

    but do not worry….it is almost September. Which means it is close to
    October….which, of course, means it is very very nearly time for the
    birthday month of November. And all shall celebrate with me. especially
    cos I’ll be 30…..

  10. Casey Leaver says:

    And of course Justine and Brian’s birthdays too! Which makes it all extra special!

    (I’ve put Tim’s Sunday photos online.)

  11. Casey Leaver says:

    Thank you, you’re most kind.

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