My Letter to the Evening Standard

Follow-up to Bizarre Day – Felix Felicis? from Casey’s Blog

So, Nigella didn’t get rated in the Waitrose
Useful-Cook-Book-League-Table. Fair enough. No really. I see Nigella as
first and foremost an excellent cookery writer, rather than a cook.
More like Elizabeth David than Fanny Craddock.

Every keen
cook gets jaded occasionally, but pick up Nigella and you can feel
yourself salivating as you read. The prose is every bit as good as the
recipes. Not only that, but she manages to combine practical, quick,
down-to-earth meal suggestions with all out dinner party luxury recipes.

for when you’re feeling fat, recipes for when you can’t be bothered,
recipes for entertaining on the hop, recipes for every occasion – and
in the case of How to Eat helpfully meal-planned.

A few of
her recipes have reached old favourite status in our household: Double
Potato and Halloumi Bake, Pea & Mint Soup… I could go on…

actually in the space of these words I’ve talked myself round – how can
you say that inspiration and practicality aren’t useful?

2 Responses to “My Letter to the Evening Standard”
  1. Tom Abbott says:

    Intersting that when you visit the Waitrose food website – who should appear as a major element?


  2. Casey Leaver says:

    Yes, I’d spotted that… I think she’s a regular too.

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