Travel Coventry Drivers Strip in Full Wumpty

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I overslept this morning. Fortunately himself had got up at stupid
o’clock to start early morning revision (for his accountancy exams) so
he woke me up at 6:15.

bit later, sat at the dining table downstairs, I was chomping my way
mechanically through breakfast whilst staring at the wall.

He gave me a nudge and said “Come on my little Just in Time Principle, or should that be Two Minutes Late Principle?”

Goodness knows what he’s revising at the moment, but it’s clearly addling his brain.

(Anyway – good luck you! Not that he ever reads this anyway.)

reason for me telling you that I overslept is that I thought I must be
seeing things on the bus this morning when I saw the following on a

Adult Ladies Charity Night
Travel Coventry Drivers Strip in Full Wumpty
Accompanied by full supporting disco
at CWM Club (behind the Phoenix Pub – formerly the Campbell)

accompanied by a picture of three very sheepish looking bare-chested drivers.

Eeesh. All in a good cause though ladies – raising money for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital (see link above).

Still a bit odd first thing in the morning though.

One Response to “Travel Coventry Drivers Strip in Full Wumpty”
  1. Thing
    I found most worrying about that poster is that I get Travel Coventry
    Buses every day. I don’t think there are any I would like to see strip
    :S Its all very odd.

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