Eurovision – Round Up

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Watched every cringing moment – and loved it, much to himself’s disgust.

Although he did assure me that I wasn’t disturbing his CIMA revision…

Favourite Terry quote:

(Reading lyrics) “I wake up in the morning and don’t know where I am.” (/Reading lyrics) Aaah, the drink, it’s a terrible curse.

Favourite Songs:

  • Denmark
  • France
  • Greece (for sheer staying power)

Favourite Performances (for entertainment value):

  • Norway
  • Moldova
  • Rumania
  • Turkey

4 Responses to “Eurovision – Round Up”
  1. Helen Ryan says:

    Grandmamma on the drum-a with the mallet in the big house!

  2. I
    have to say I think Moldova were robbed – they were by far the most
    entertaining and the Wife is now pestering me to track down one of
    their 5 albums!

    Still say if we’d sent Peter Kay/Tony Christie we’d have stood more of a chance of winning.

  3. Peter K?hne says:

    Vanilla Ninja should have won!!!

  4. Definitely Norway. Sheer entertainment, and a song which has to be tracked down to go in the car….

    Terry’s comments made the night though – he is a send up of himself now, but well worth watching!

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