Moved In and Flying Out

The house looked lovely when we’d got all the boxes in.

It’s the unpacking that’s turned it into a bomb site!

…and no sooner were we in than I started packing for Mauritius.

waiting in Departures at Birmingham International at the moment – I’d
forgotten the weird feeling you get when you’re travelling.

The aimless waiting and sense of powerlessness.

looking forward to getting to Charles de Gaulle, my least favourite
airport (after Frankfurt). They’re both leviathon mazes.

another thing! My feet are cold – am optimistically wearing leather
flip flops. At least I remembered to pack socks for the flight.

can’t wait to get there. Am planning to get a lot of sleeping done on
the flights as I get in at 05:40 local time and need to start setting
up the exhibition at 11:00.

One Response to “Moved In and Flying Out”
  1. Take care Casey – hope Mauritius is great fun despite your ostensibly beng there on work purposes!

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