Today’s the Day

He’s gone off to get the van.

I need to get in the shower before he gets back, otherwise he’ll be cross…

Dog tired already after yesterday’s conference.

Think we’ll get the keys around midday (need to ring MDAL).

that need to go and get my traveller’s cheques and travel insurance for
Mauritius. Must remember to check that I can use my mobile over there.
And find a plug travel adapter.

Oh, and more dry-cleaning and cobbling to be delivered to Cannon Park.

(And must fit in a trip to the salon tomorrow B4 Mauritius.)

Also must put in my expenses today – how much do train tickets to London cost?! (Ridiculous.)

Jarvis Cocker is going to be on Desert Island Discs today! What?! That’s madness, Jarvis Cocker isn’t old and past-it enough surely? Eeesh, now I feel old.

I think I’m occupying myself today by worrying about minutia to prevent myself thinking about the move.

– maybe if I concentrate on the minutia then it will make the day go
smoothly (in a
look-after-the-pennies-and-let-the-pounds-look-after-themselves kind of

No – actually what I’m doing is wasting time by blogging!

Right, spit-spot (as Mary Poppins would say), get into the shower. NOW!


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