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Music front cover

Amelie [Original Score]
Original Soundtrack
4 out of 5 stars

We went to Stratford for a wander today, seemed too nice a day to be stuck on campus.

do very much until we decided that we were famished and looked at three
or four overpriced sandwich menus before deciding to just go to Caf

Now I was extremely dubious after my last trip to Rouge in Leamington after a year ago.

potatoes in two courses, and then when I complained about my second
course they redelivered it with cooked potatoes and overcooked and cold
steak. Grrrr. I was so cross that I caused a scene. Himself was

And why is it called Rouge not Caf Rouge in Leam anyway?! Exactly the same menu and everything…

the food was fine: merguez salad with roasted peppers and tarte
paysanne with frites. …and they played the soundtrack to Amelie.

normally, I’d agree with you, I’d think it trite and ridiculous – but
for some reason it put me in a fantastic mood and on the way out I had
to go into HMV and buy it.

(It’s playing now and himself is getting cross with me for skipping to my favourite tracks.)

the real reason for this entry was actually a bit of a rant. What the
Hell are Stratford District Council anf the Tourist Board doing?!

a fit of guilt after the not-very-healthy-lunch I route-marched himself
out to Anne Hathaway’s Cottage over a mile from the town-centre.

thought it would be a pleasant after-lunch walk – but actually you walk
over half of the way there via nettle and dog shit fringed, poorly
sign-posted housing estate alleys. What is all that about?!

4 Responses to “”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Is the 4 star rating for the soundtrack or for Stratford?

  2. Lu Yang says:

    Cafe Rouge in Leam has much better service now – all because your highness me is working there now 😀

  3. Casey Leaver says:

    4 stars for Amelie and I’ll give Rouge another try!

    (Lu, is this the same place that the strange lady comes into?!)

  4. Lu Yang says:

    yep yep! And not only the Tea Lady. There are other potentially
    freakish people coming to have a snack. It’s almost like a Disney Land,
    except, scarier…

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