Last Night I Dreamt About Winning Money

Writing about web page

…probably because I had such good luck yesterday.

Firstly I was asked by the International Office whether I would go to Mauritius to represent the University.

…but more importantly I got taken on a double surprize night out.

  • I didn’t know where I was going but was told to dress smart-casual
  • I was taken out for dinner and drinks at The Gallery
  • Himself told me that he had got a new job in Finance (he’s been wanting to move from Logistics for ages – hence the CIMA evening classes)

In typical style he had told me that he was applying but
then got an interview, sat the interview and waited for the results
without telling me!

Anyway, the evening was fantastic, and the food was not bad at all (but not as good as it thought it was).


Roasted belly pork with purple potato salad, apple chutney (best dish of the evening)

Breast of Guinea fowl with black pudding, fig, coriander mash, Albafera sauce (it was chicken and they didn’t tell me before it arrived)


Brioche bruschetta with sweet caramelised red onion, fried halloumi cheese, tomato oil (apparently the halloumi took over and the chopped sundried tomatoes in oil didn’t add anything)

of lamb, pork and beef Roasted lamb cutlet, pork fillet and beef rump
with root vegetables and dauphiniose potato, cep sauce
(steak was overdone and pork was dry but the lamb and potatoes were heavenly)

Would definitely go back, especially if I have another day like yesterday.

a different note I’m sat here listening to the wind and the rain and
desperately hoping that the Landscape Working Group Walk will be

2 Responses to “Last Night I Dreamt About Winning Money”
  1. Holly Cruise says:

    Lovely weather innit?

    Need a student representitive for your trip to Mauritius cos I will selflessly volunteer?

  2. See, told you it would clear up. (You can wallop me over the head if by 2pm it starts chucking down again…)

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